At Litcoder, we're not just about coding and its market. We're about quality coding, and it is our team, which is committed to making a difference in how coding skills are assessed, developed, and utilised in the real world, that is helping make it accessible to all. So whether you're a coder looking to upskill, an employer seeking quality talent, or an educational institution aiming to align with industry demands, you're in capable hands with the Litcoder team.
Meet the visionaries behind the Litcoder team
Prahlad Rao
Founder & Director
As a distinguished alumnus of IIMB and a serial entrepreneur with a penchant for golf, Prahlad Rao brings an unparalleled wealth of 23 years of experience to Litcoder. A luminary in the field of aligning individual talent with business objectives, he has now turned his expertise towards revolutionising the way we perceive and improve code quality. As the founder of our parent company, Litwork, Prahlad has established Litcoder as an innovative platform that assesses, develops, and hires coders based on world-class code quality standards. He's committed to raising the bar for coding quality in the industry to ultimately create a more efficient, secure, and productive digital landscape.
Meeta Goswami
The scientific brain behind Litcoder, Meeta Goswami, is an authority on behavioural, intelligence, and competency assessments. With her extensive experience serving over 300 client organisations across India and the SAARC regions, she has become Litcoder's sentinel of assessment quality and client satisfaction. As co-founder, Meeta plays a crucial role in continuously refining Litcoder's assessment algorithms, ensuring they meet global benchmarks for code quality. Her relentless pursuit of new product development also ensures that Litcoder offers sustainable, large-scale, and cost-effective solutions to our diverse user base, ranging from coders and campuses to employers.