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Why Code Quality Matters
Face Technical Debt head-on
The future is all about code quality.
Why? Let's look at some facts
With 15 times fewer defects, twice the development speed, and substantially more predictable issue resolution times, the business advantage of high quality code should be unmistakably clear
Tornhill & Borg, 2022
Companies lose upward of $300 billion a year paying “Technical Debt” of which $85 billion is just in dealing with poor quality code
CNBC CFO Council
(**Technical debt - The time developers spend in supporting legacy systems and in dealing with bad software)
Litcoder works at improving coding quality for both coders & employers
Litcoder does this with its breakthrough algorithm that assesses code quality by focusing on 4 key factors and 16 parameters
Code Maturity
  • Maintainability
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Vulnerabilities
Code Readability
  • Testability
  • Understandability
  • Modularity
  • Explainability
Code Manageability
  • Scalability
  • Stability
  • Productivity
  • Extensibility
Code Flexibility
  • Changeability
  • Compatibility
  • Reusability
  • Availability
The Litcoder Score Unveiled
A Comprehensive Measure for Coders, Employers, and Campuses
A first-of-its-kind indicator of comprehensive coding proficiency, the Litcoder score & report provides comprehensive insights into both the accuracy and quality of code, and provides detailed, specific insights to improve.
Litcoder Score for Coders
Your Journey to Mastering Code Quality
Coders, our platform isn't just about learning to code. It's about mastering code quality and setting yourself apart from the rest
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Litcoder Score for Employers
High Quality Hiring, Honing Excellence
Recruiters, use the breakthrough Litcoder score for comprehensive evaluation of not just coding proficiency but also code quality, bring clarity, efficiency, and fairness into your recruiting process.
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Litcoder Score for Campuses
Aligning Education with Global Coding Demands
Campuses, align your students' coding performance with the global coding standards. Equip your stars of today with what the world demands.
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Grow with 'Litcoder Academy'
A Path to Excellence for Everyone
Align coding skills with global demands through Litcoder Academy, the one stop comprehensive learning and skilling program that is designed to refine and master one's coding quality.
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Discover the Litwork Ecosystem
Beyond Litcoder - There also exists an entire universe of opportunities
Litcoder is part of a larger ecosystem powered by the umbrella brand, Litwork. Litwork is designed to enable and power early-stage careers. Litwork is a multi-faceted platform offering products and services such as Litcoder, LitQ, and Litzone, each with its own distinct focus to make young talent industry aligned.
A comprehensive coding platform that focuses on assessing, developing and hiring people with world- class code quality skills
A NAAC-aligned gamified psychometric assessment platform focused on 5 topfactors aligned with key industry competencies that determine early-stage career success
A power-packed platform that combines business metrics with psychology for better recruiting and career decisions
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Litcoder is a groundbreaking platform redefining coding assessments and nurturing world-class coders. Through breakthrough code accuracy and quality evaluations we analyze codes across 16 international quality parameters, ensuring a deeper understanding of a candidate's abilities that go beyond mere proficiency. Whether it's hackathons or coding learning/skilling programs, Litcoder covers it all.

Litcoder serves as a central hub that brings together coding enthusiasts, students, developers, recruiters, and educational institutions. The coding journey for all stakeholders has been mapped out to simplify the process of evaluating and nurturing code quality.

Litcoder goes beyond coding proficiency, assessing 16 internal code parameters, focusing on code quality and comprehensive insights into code pieces. It amalgamates Coding Skills + Coding Quality to provide a unique Litcoder Score, benefiting coders and their potential employers.

Litcoder currently offers six popular scripting languages: C#, PHP, C++, Python, Java, and JavaScript. Questions are available in three levels of difficulty, and plans are also afoot to add more languages in the future.

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Litcoder offers varying subscription plans based on who you are. If you are a candidate, at present you can sign up only through the promocodes provided by your college or university. You can ask your college to contact us at If you represent a college, university, or company, please reach out to us at for information on tailored subscription options.

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